Joan started dancing at the age of 7. Read more about Joan's early life and ballet training with Carmelita, Joan's English stage mother and Joan's early stage experiences    HERE


After Joan left Carmelita she went to New York to dance for George Balanchine.  HERE she talks about dancing his masterpiece "Serenade" and her work as a studio dancer in Hollywood.


Musical film and Broadway choreographer Bob Alton took a liking to Joan's quick mind and classical technique and offered her to be his assistant. Read about her work with film stars such as Danny Kaye, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland HERE


Joan 's husband Ray Weamer was a dancer too, working for Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. HERE Joan tells us about her marriage and family as well as how she became part of the American delegation at the dance competition in Varnia, Bulgaria.


Joan talks about her life after the golden years of Hollywood musicals and how she transitioned into teaching which she continues to this day, HERE